Sunday, January 09, 2011

The first recruits!

The first Dutch regiment begins to form with 12 musketeers and 6 pikemen (equalling 6x100 men) from Perry Miniatures which arrived yesterday. I still haven't found any good source for uniform colours yet, and we still need to establish bases sizes for playing DBR in 28mm, but the Dutch commanders are optimistic that the Seventeen Provinces will soon find victory on the field! I reckon another 412kr (cira £45/$71) will see a Dutch infantry army (with artillery support) ready to muster.

The figures are very nice. They're some what diminutive compared to Black Tree Design (which I used for my Normans/Teutons) or Copplestone Castings (Rocketman), but the poses are nice and the detailing is superb.

I also came across another manufactuer of ECW figures today. Eagle Figures have a limited but pretty well sculpted range. An infantry regiment (36 figures) would come to circa 269kr which makes them very interesting.

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