Monday, December 13, 2010

moif world update

The last week has been one long slog against the unrelenting trauma of a little boy who refuses to sleep, but who screams hysterically instead. Poor little Magne is going through some kind of seperation angst phase and becomes very agitated when ever Mette isn't directly at hand so he can crawl up into her lap. Once his little sister arrives, he is going to find next year very hard I think, but possibly it will do him good in the long run. One can hope. One thing is for sure, its wearing my patience down and my surplus energy levels are at their absolute minimum. Just about the only thing which doesn't seem impossible these days is painting miniatures. I think this is because painting miniatures doesn't require any great mental or creative effort. One simply applies the colour, slowly and methodically.

Just to spice things up however, one of the kids has brought back colonic worms, so now we're all on medication to flush out these annoying little parasites. One wonders what sort of folk remedy horrors people had to endure in the days before alco-gel and little white pills?


Grimsby Mariner said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles. It's something all kids go through to a greater or lesser extent - and even worse some return to the need to cuddle and hug parents continually when they grow older (an annoyinng and yet pleasing habit at the same time).
As for worms - I suspect that they might have thought it normal just like large populations of the Andes do with their intestinal worms.

moif said...

Or maybe they had folk remedies which worked...?

Modern medicine seems pretty hit n miss when it comes to mundane afflications like worms, thrush and exema