Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Returning to Takshendal

I've put it off for too long already; it being a return to the city of my imagination; Takshendal.

The third campaign 'Captain Fouquet' is an imminent reality and I'm squeezing in a couple of hours of preperation every night for our kick off which is Dec 1st (thursdays gaming being moved to wednesdays for logistical purposes). The first chapter is named 'The Fire Bird' and begins with a horrifying death, which Misteline, celebrated artist and solver of mysteries is asked to investigate. Returning at his side is Rufus the deadly swordsman and Silas, the shady undercover militia officer turned underworld player.

Of course, things are never as they seem in Takshendal, not least in the Armorial Quarter, the district of the city inhabited by harlots, actors, artists and a whole host of dubious, unscrupulous characters...

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