Saturday, October 02, 2010

Artist of the Month; Julia Margaret Cameron

Born just after the Napoleonic wars, Julia Margaret Cameron was the foremost female photographer of her era, and possibly even the foremost portait photographer. Being female however, her work was often dismissed by her peers, and for a long time she appears to have been neglectd by art historians. These days however, art historians go looking for influencial female artists so Cameron has seen something of a revival, and why not? Its not like her work doesn't deserve some respect. Cameron is my artist of the month, not because she is popular again, nor because she is female, but simply because I like the faded, blurred memories her images invoke.

The uppermost photograph shows the astronomer Hershel and this one is Alfred Lord Tennyson. The last one is a study of an un-named girl's head. I think I like that one best of all.

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