Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Desolation Road

By Ian Mcdonald

This novel is such an 'epic fail' that I stopped reading it at page 204 in disgust. I simply couldn't carry on. My enthusiasm waned from the beginning as a consequence of the prose but the final straw was when Mcdonald stole an entire scene from the Terry Gilliam film 'Brazil' (When Tuttle fills the plumbers suits with sewerage).

I can't be bothered reading novels which steal other artists idea's so blatently as this one does. Life's too short to accomidate intellectual theft without a certain degree of charm. Mcdonald tries for charm, but comes across as a childish hack.


Anonymous said...

look at the dates of the first publication of the book.

moif said...

1988. What of it?

Brazil came out in 1985.

brando said...

I love it when time's linear.