Wednesday, August 18, 2010

500 years of the Royal Danish Navy

The Danish Navy celebrated 500 years of existence on the 10th August. I meant to write about it at the time, but I was preoccupied. Here are a few pictures of the celebrations held in KĂžbenhavn.

The Royal Family taking the salute. From left to right; Queen Margrethe II. Prince Henrik. Crown Prince Frederik. Prince Christian (who can hardly see whats going on), Princess Mary (who is pregnant with twins) and Princess Isabella. I don't know who the officer in the black berret is.

The Museum Frigate Peder Skram, moored in Copenhagen harbour.

A Navy Lynx helicopter with Amelienborg Palace (the official residence of the Danish Queen) in the background and beyond that the dome of Marmorkirken. Mette and I used to live scant 500 metres from Marmorkirken.

The navy on parade. Modern ships are fearsome but drab. They lack the glorious splendour and pomp of older war ships. These monsters are far more dangerous but not particularly interesting to look at.

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brando said...

Five hundy! I wish we had five hundy.