Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Planning ahead whilst listening to some very inspirational music

All you need is a .45 in one hand a and a swell dame in the other!

With the end of RM5 & RM6 I am faced with a choice of what to do next. Previously I have been able to work on multiple campaigns at the same time, but since I set up an art computer, I've not really had much inclination to do anything but paint in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Currently I'm learning how to paint without pre drawn guide lines, and I'm painting Gaia, though this is mostly just an excuse to paint a big woman with considerable physical attributes. I'd post a work in progress image but it probably contravenes Blogger's rules and regs since I don't have an adult content warning on my blog. I'll probably post it on my art blog when its done. No one ever seems to go there anyway so it should be safe. I suppose I could render her naughty bits less naughty with some black squares or summat...

I'm already committed to running Project Herald with Oleg, but I also intend to run at least one campaign sometime later in the year. The big question is which campaign. I have about ten different idea's to chose between, some of which are already begun, whilst others are still embryonic.

The biggest contender is RM7; 'The Terror of Oyster Bay', which is a role playing game in two chapters rather than a skirmish campaign. The problem is, I just did two RM campaigns back to back and Project Herald is set in 1949 and I'd like to do something in another genre to avoid genre fatigue. I had an idea to do a third Takshendal campaign, but then I discarded it as the original thread which strung all six chapters together had been tied off, and a third campaign might feel as weak as 'Twenty Years after' is to 'The Three Musketeers'. On the other hand, the models and figures are all built, more or less, and a return to Takshendal does offer a lot of possibilities to do something very different from 'pulp noir', ...and I do so like the mysterious whodunnit type games. All I need is a better idea than the one I already discarded.

My absolute favourite passage from all the Indiana Jones soundtracks. The best bit starts around 4:47 mins as Indy's fights against a whole truck full of German soldiers reaches the climactic under-the-truck sequence. I love the whole bolero like build up and the way the horns climb higher and higher as the pace picks up, drops then picks up again. John Williams was never better than this!

Here is an alternative recording with the passage beginning around 5:00 mins.

Below is my second favourite passage from the Indiana Jones soundtracks. This one starts at just the right moment. Of all the Indy films, this one is my least favourite, mostly because a lot of the gags seem to aimed at young children. The first film was much more mature, and its still the best of them all, by far.

'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' also featured a lot of action sequences which were just plain daft, for example the roller coaster mine railway. What kind of a numbskull miner would build a roller coaster in a mine, often bridging a river of lava?

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