Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Konstabel Sophia Bruun

The 26th Danish combat fatality since operations began in Afghanistan, and our first female soldier lost in action. Konstabel Sophia 'Bellis' Bruun, who was a gunner on a Piranha APC, died yesterday when her vehicle was hit by an IED six kilometres north east of Gereskh. Her being a woman makes no difference to me. Her sacrifice is the same as any other soldier and I honour her memory with a heavy heart.

22 years old, Sophia leaves a boy friend and her parents.

At least two and possibly five of her colleagues were wounded.

"Sophia was a young woman with an appetite for life. She was curious of nature, and loath to miss a new experience. She had planned to travel to more peaceful parts of the world once her tour in Afghanistan was finished.

As a soldier, Sophia established herself as focused and professional. When 1st platoon was attacked in Bridzar, on the 4th of May, 2010, and many were wounded, she was quickly on the spot behind her heavy machine gun providing covering fire for the sanitation unit and subsequent evacuation of the wounded. She never showed any fear as she dealt with the problems to which she had agreed to help solve as a soldier.

Sophia Bruuns sacrifice has not been in vain. She fulfilled her missions and contributed to the good mood both in her unit and in the company. She gave an active contribution to the security and protection of the local population and helped establish an alternative to the oppression of the Taliban."

- Major Ronni Holm Hansen
Commanding officer of C Company

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