Monday, May 17, 2010

So on friday I woke up suddenly and upon opening my eyes, my right eye lid, having become dry and crusty tore off a part of my cornea. Currently therefore, I am partially blind and in some considerable discomfort... just in time for the sun, which I have longed for all winter, to come out and blind my remaining eye as I shuffle about knocking into things. All projects are thus on hold until I get my vision back.

Apparently I have developed yet another medical condition. This one is called 'Erosia Cornea'. To say this condition is painful is a gross understatement. It is fantastically painful! Something like being tortured in the eye with a red hot poker. Today is day four with any sleep to speak off, I'm on morphine and my teeth feel strange.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Get better soon.
Look after yourself and don't take any chances.

brando said...

"tore off a part of my cornea"



mlj said...

Oh. My. Word. All the best and a speedy recovery.

M x

moif said...

Thanks you guys. I've discovered that tying a scarf around my head, pirate style, presses my eye patch closer and seems to help a great deal as its stoppd me from constantly crying. Previously I had to keep opening my eye to drain the tears which were caused by the irritation.

Brando. Apparantly its not that unusual. Most people call it 'dry eye', and it usually just results in an itchy eye. I just got lucky and hit the jack pot I guess.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Oh ouch.... take care and get well soon...!

Cyan said...

You've been consistently on my mind since I read your update. I hope that your healing process goes as quickly as possible.

moif said...

Its almost healed now. Once I'd figured out to use a bandana across the eye patch to keep it tight, the eye stopped crying all the time and the healing. This also enabled me to fall asleep at last.

Currently I'm trying to get my eye used to the light again. A few more days and I should be back to normal I reckon.