Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Life of Saladin

By Sir Hamilton Gibb

Warning. Don't ever buy this book. Its a load of rubbish!

Essentially this is not really a book about Saladin, but rather a book about what a well read historian Sir Hamilton Gibb is. Certainly Gibb goes through Saladin's life, but he does so briefly and with little regard to context. The book is over almost before its begun and at no point does Gibb put Saladin's life into any sort of context. Instead what you get when reading this book is a long and comprehensive list of notes daring you to go and look up the facts for yourself if you don't believe Sir Hamilton Gibb.

Frankly this book is a waste of time and money and I've had more fun standing in the rain at a deserted bus stop in the middle of no where with a hole in my shoe.

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Palle "Nybyggeren" said...

Well Jan, being a historian I have to give you some credit for even autodidact you are a better such than many of my colleagues, especially overseas. No slight on them, for there are many a great historian there whose skill and gifts makes mine pale in comparison, but without any official degree you I would still estimate you as competent as an average professional practitioner in many places. Perhaps also because you have the gift many of us lack of writing in a way that does not make people fall asleep...