Saturday, February 20, 2010

No surrender!

Todays musical inspiration.

I've been feeling rather under the weather of late. I'm not sure whats wrong with me but I suspect I'm suffering the effects of cycling back and forth during this long cold winter. The swine flu which hit me in December gave me something of a knock out punch and I've found it difficult to maintain my previous enthusiasm and general energy levels. I stopped going to the gym in November and I've not been back and my diet came to an abrupt end at Christmas. I don't think I've put on much weight, but I'm certainly feeling pains in my joints and back and the general lethargy that characterised my life prior to August last year. My current plan is to kick start my self by returning to the gym, at the beginning of March. Hopefully every thing else will consequently fall into place. The best thing would be for the damned snow to go away and if I'm not mistaken, the ambient temperature has finally started to rise, and though its snowing today, everything is wet and melting at last.

Fortunately my general physical fatigue hasn't effected my enthusiasm for work and I can feel the creative juices flowing faster and stronger than at any time since 1999. Suddenly the sky is the limit.

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