Monday, February 08, 2010

Magne Sejr. One year old today

Theres not much to say except that both of us have been sick all day, apparently witht he same thing; sore throat, running nose, sinus inflamation, chest pain, muscle pain, head ache and a general disinterest in worldly affairs.

Magne has taken it lightly though. Having a copiously snotty nose doesn't trouble him in the slightest and he's been padding about the apartment causing mayhem as usual. As you can see, he now stands short and proud and is capable of walking short distances. He has begun to respond to words also, and last night, after two hours of frustrated singing, crooning and cajoling, he finally went to sleep after I'd simply told him to.

Today was also Fastelavn at Freja's kindergarten so she wore a princess costume that Mette had made for her (it was specifically tailored to fit over Freja's out door clothing).


mlj said...

Look at them, they're both gorgeous and so much themselves. You and AM have created beauty!

Great big hug from here to there and to you all.

moif said...

Thanks M.