Monday, January 04, 2010


In the darkness of the fecund forest, Daniel Mansfield watches the building up above whilst down in the valley behind him come screams and the crackle of sporadic gunfire. Water drips all around, pattering against his shoulders and ringing softly on his helmet. He turns to ‘Mad Dog’ Mitchell who is busy swatting mosquitoes.
“What do you think?”
“I think we better haul it before that thing gets here.”
A burst of fire erupts from barely two hundred yards away followed by an all too brief yet horrifying scream
“Good God!” Mansfield exclaims. Several of his retinue press closer, muttering insistently and George Macarthur finds his elbow.
“For heavens sake Daniel, let’s get out of this jungle before that creature finds us!”
“I don’t know, it could be a trap, the creature driving us forward”
Even as he speaks, the undergrowth along the path behind them erupts into a ball of fire.
“Forget it, I’m not waiting here to die” one of the mercenaries pushes past them and runs for the building. Nothing happens.
“Well I’ll be...” Mitchell chuckles, “And here we’ve been sitting for half an hour letting that thing get closer all this time! Come on, let’s go and find the Baron”
As Mitchell and the mercenaries run past, Mansfield grabs George’s arm.
“Wait... Are you carrying any explosives?”
George nods and holds up two fingers.
“Good... I think we might need them, that building looks like a bunker”


In a dim room, lit only by a desk lamp and the softly glowing dials of communications gear, Herr Doktor Metzger peers out of a window. Down below he can see several fires burning.
“Johann is coming” he mutters, “but where is Holst?”
A door opens behind him and he glances back over his shoulder. Hauptmann Seitz enters the room, his uniform wet and dirty.
“What did you find out?”
“The Baron’s ship left the harbour an hour ago. Both the patrol boats are gone also”
Metzger stares at the soldier in disbelief.
“Gone? Without me?”
Seitz regards the scientist bitterly; I’d have gone too if I was a bit faster he thinks.
“But... I don’t understand... they need me... my work...”
Metzger slumps onto a stool, his armoured fist clenching spasmodically, sweat upon his brow. Seitz peers out the window.
“What are your orders?”
“Mein orders?” Metzger shrugs despondently. He looks about the room, noticing for the first time the three guards who are standing behind Seitz awaiting his command. Suddenly aware of the pitiful figure he has allowed himself to become, he straightens up and smoothes down his tunic coat.
“Mein orders... Mein orders are to defend the laboratory at all costs!” he barks. He stands up and pushes his hair back from his forehead. “I don’t know what’s going on, but my work must not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands!”
Seitz nods to the guards and together they rush from the room.
Metzger pulls a small automatic from his belt.
“No one will take my work from me” he mutters.



Players one, two and three begin any where on the northern terrace.

Players four and five begin anywhere inside the building, except for Johann who begins off table, to the north.

Player one
Daniel Mansfield (HSMG)
George (Handgun & explosives)
'Mad Dog' Michell (LMG)

Players two and three

The survivors of the two groups chosen from Le Mollusc’s crew in Chapter three;

Player two; Dominique Lavarre, Jean-Francois Laguna and Vixen,
Player three; 'Iron Fist' Chung, Soo Suk Wang and three generic Chinese riflemen.

Player four
Dokter Metzger (Handgun)
Johann (Flamethrower)
5 x Schattentroppen (3 rifles + 2 SMGs)

Player five
Hauptmann Seitz
5 x Schattentroppen (3 rifles + 2 SMGs)


Victory conditions

Either side wins by defeating 75% of the opposing force. Defeating Metzger or Rocketman is an automatic win.


Special notes

Every where inside the building is Rough going unless otherwise marked on the model. The terrace and balconies are Good and the forest and undergrowth are Rough unless otherwise marked.

Johann is still some way off the map, Player Four must roll each round until he rolls a 6 in order for Johann to appear along the northern pathway. Note that Johann is phyiscally too big to fit through most doorways, but he is strong enough to rip down the walls if he is chasing some one, though this reduces his speed to Difficult.

The building looks impressive but is in fact only made of concrete blocks which are easy to demolish. In order to destroy a wall, a die roll must succeed against 7. Effectively this means George Macarthur can blow two holes

Each player has one d6 grenades. These can be pooled by the player and used at will. The Schattentroppen may use toxic gas grenades.

Rocketman has 4 hero points in this game.

There is no map for this game because the game takes place inside a building and players one, two and three may have no idea of what is awaiting them. I'll try and post some pictures of the building model in the conclusion.


Jaron said...

Wow, the good guys are certainly out numbered. Which player controls Rocketman? I can't wait to see the layout and how it turns out. Oh, and somebody please kill Johann!

Jan (moif) said...

Rasmus controls Rocketman, if he turns up. I haven't heard anything from him but Oleg says he's coming.

Palle has Johann again

Oleg said...

I have a few ways to kill Johan, and we have to, because his flamethrower is just too deadly.
The Schattentroppen are more of a worry, as there are so many of them, and they are just that little bit too hard to kill.

I saw Rasmus today, and, come wind or snow, he's coming.

moif said...

Mad Dog Mitchell was missing. I've added him.