Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dir: Duncan Jones

This is Science Fiction, and thats said enough already. Whilst 'Avatar' was a glowing spectacle costing $230million to make, this $5million 'indy' manages to do what no science fiction film has done in a great many years; reflect the human condition without recourse to showing off special effects or two dimensional characters with guns. This film, as a work of art, left 'Avatar' wallowing in the sand pit.

Sam Rockwell, who rightly deserves the awards Robert Downey Jr is getting simply for being Robert Downey Jr, plays this film almost by himself, even supporting himself. He gives a fantastic performance, flawless, as the astronaut/mining engineer Sam Bell whose entire existence is called into question as he nears the end of a three year contract. I never really cared much for Rockwell as an actor because I'd never seen him in anything that let him act, except maybe 'Choke' but now I can see how good an actor he actually is.

There are some holes in the plot, some things unexplained, but I can forgive them as the film was very good.

Again, a first time director makes a fantastic film, with very little money and plenty of adversity. No doubt Jones will go on to boundless wealth and mediocrity but for now, he rules the year. This was the best film of 2009 in my opinion, better than 'District 9'.


Palle "Nybyggeren" said...

Hear- hear

Cyan said...

We watched this last weekend, and it was brilliant. I haven't been this pleased with a science fiction film in a very long time.

I agree that it was even better than District 9, but both were wonderful, and I'm thrilled to see two great releases in the same year. I hope it becomes a trend. :)

moif said...

I'm informed, though I can't vouch for it, that there is a third good sci fi movie from 2009, called 'Splice'. Its more in the genetic/horror genre, but said to be excellent by those who've seen it.