Saturday, January 16, 2010

MFMM002 & 3

Two excellent fight scenes, from two very different films. In the first, D'Hubert is sure he is going to die, and his fear is the theme of the scene. From Ridley Scott's masterpiece of cinema; 'The Duellists'. I like this scene because of the way Carradine and Keitel have built up an animosity which lends credibility to D'Huberts fear. He is by far the less aggressive of the two and is motivated only by his sense of honour. One gets the distinct impression that his honour has taken him beyond his own limits and this scene describes the climax of that journey perfectly. Since the film follows D'Hubert and not Feraud, we the audience feel D'Hubert's fear and thus subsequently his elation at winning the duel.

An epic show down from 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'. This is the best Asian combat sequence I've ever seen, partly because both women carry their roles well (and I have a thing for Michelle Yeoh) but mostly because the cinematography is nice and steady and the movements aren't obscured by crazy editing and shaky cameras. I also love when Yeoh picks up the broadsword.

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