Sunday, January 24, 2010

Freezing my nads off

Walking back from the swimming baths with Mette and the kids. Mette's hair is frozen into stiff dreadlocks and both of us agree that a stop for coffee is necesary. I'm wheeling the bike because the lock snapped so Freja can't be strapped in, but Freja can't be bothered walking so she's sitting on the kiddy seat, falling asleep and whining about the cold. The cold didn't stop her wanting an ice cream though. I advised her to wait until we got home, but then she whined about that, so I taught her a lesson and gave her what she wanted. She bravely ate the ice cream in the -10C wind chill, much to the amazement of several passers by. Once we got some coffee in us, I felt a bit better, but Mette complained the cold had made her bottom go numb. I kindly offered to warm it up once we got home.

It was fun in the swimming pool. Magne is old enough now to play in the water, though only in the warm water pool. I found a toy frog and we played with that for a while whilst Mette and Freja galovanted about in the big childrens pool. Its been a while since I was swimming as I stopped going swimming for the exersize. Cycling to work and going to the gym is enough for me. Though I like swimming, the fuss and chlorine are annoying.

Here is todays musical inspiration; some nostalgia from when I lived with my parents.

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