Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Spending is therapy

The swine flu got me! Last night was like living with red hot balls of lead instead of eyes and today I've spent most of the day asleep. I think that was possibly the worst head ache I've ever had.

The good news is, after two TREO's had had time to dull the pain, I came online and found Copplestone are bringing out two Vickers interwar tank models, in 1/55 scale including the Vickers Independent. The Vickers Mark III is already on sale and I've immediately ordered one. Its not but three weeks since I wrote an e mail to Copplestone asking if they might ever consider making a Vickers Independent model. Hows that for coincidence? More models may be on the way and I'm hoping they'll bring out some that aren't British. I need some sort of Russian, Japanese, or French tank for a future Rocketman campaign


Grimsby Mariner said...

I want one of those - no use to me but it's unusual enough.

moif said...

Over the top tank designs from the mid war period? I can certainly use them!

The fact that they were never put into production only makes it better since Rocketman will eventually have to go back in time and into an alternative time line, or run smack bang into the Second World War (which isn't really my thing)

Palle "Nybyggeren" said...

WWII is mine though, but it does not suit the spirit of RM.

Hope you get better soon. I had 8 days of hell. The headache is bad, bit nothing compared to the migraines I sometimes get- though they go away the piggy-flu's one does not. I ate painkillers even after I got better as it was still there. The fewers and wrecked body in general plus the headache never went away was the worst I think- the never letting up, but in retrospect waking up one night unable to breathe was unpleasant as well...

Now you know what you are in for.

Meanwhile, when you can, spending should provide some therapy. And planning, when your brain works... use it ;-)

I thought you had second thoughts about going back in time.

moif said...

Its either time travel or a new series of games, set in an alternative 1920's with a new hero, new villains and a new story.

Rocketman can't go beyond 1939 because the technology begins to overtake the premise of the games.

Besides WW2 is too serious.

moif said...

Second tank now available, and ordered.