Sunday, December 20, 2009

RM6 update

RM5.5 hasn't happened yet. Its been cancelled twice as I've been ill for over a month now, with two heavy relapses putting me flat on my back. (I'm assuming its Influenza A, since thats the only flu virus doing the rounds that I've heard of but for all I know it could be the Black Death).

I'll post the game and its conclusion when we get around to it in January.

In the mean time, I've slowly started prepping RM6; 'Extremis'. I've done the maps and and now I'm trying to work out the balance of forces. Unlike RM5, RM6 will have no surprises and my plan is to get the games posted in their entirety prior to the campaign beginning. That way I can get on with building and painting the various figures and models, most of which have stood idle whilst I have lain in bed with an atomic headache.

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