Thursday, November 26, 2009


The first of a new category of posts, tributes to moifs favourite movie moments, starts with my oldest favourite scene, and probably one of the best opening scenes in any movie, ever.

Reasoning; Because the scene is made in a way that leaves no doubt as to the setting of the story. You instantly get a feel for what is going on, and the feeling you get is immense power and unstoppable authority. Furthermore, the soundscape begins with a subtle evocation of mystery, then quickens to a majestic maelstrom of violence with howls, explosions, then a Wagnerian march which cements the whole thing in place.

I first saw this when I was ten, and by the time those huge engines had thundered past the camera, I was hypnotized. No matter how bad George Lucas became, that moment will forever secure his place in moifs temple of excellent cinema.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Your choice is one of those moments that stand out so vividly for me. I saw Star Wars at the cinema and can remember looking up for the rest of the ship as the huge dreadnought came into view. Is it a classic movie? Perhaps but only for the innovation and special effects probably, the storyline is a tame & predictable western at best. But still a great opening sequence - good choice.

brando said...

I remember getting that feeling from Aliens, I think. They had a similar ship sequence.

And of course, Space Balls.

moif said...

What you have to bear in mind is that I was very young when I first saw Star Wars, and I saw it in a cinema. It left a lasting impression that other science fiction films (except 'Alien') just haven't been able to compete with. As a young boy I was mad about war films, Tiger tanks and Mosquito fighter bombers. The day after I saw Star Wars I was a science fiction addict instead.

I saw 'Alien' a few years later and it scared the pants off me.

I had to wait for a long time before I got to see any of the sequels