Sunday, November 22, 2009

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Vivaldi's concerto i D minor*.

I've been some what under the weather in the last week or so. I had hoped this would give me lots of spare time to do models, but alas, no. Half the time I've been utterly knackered and falling asleep on the sofa, and the rest of the time I've had Freja hanging from my arms, legs, T shirt and face, unable to tell her to stop as I lost my voice on thursday night and it only started to come back today.

Tonight, as I put Freja to bed, she started telling me she was afraid of the cloud monsters (she can see the clouds from her bed if she pulls the curtains aside). I told her those weren't monsters she could see, but in fact it was Father Christmas's airship hiding behind the clouds, as he goes about his way collecting gft wishes from good children and picking up finished presents from the secret factories where the gnomes and the nisser** make them.

Freja believes in Father Christmas in the way only a four year old can, so she immediately began to peer at the clouds intently asking where the airship was. I told he she couldn't see it because it was hidden behind the clouds.
"Oh yes I can!" she countered, "because I've got brown eyes".
I couldn't argue with that, so I looked out the window and told her, Santa must have flown past us by now. Freja looked dubious, but at least she'd stopped stressing about cloud monsters.

*In case your wondering, the inverted art in the video is by Egon Schiele.
** Nisser are Danish pixies who come out in December and play tricks on humans, and generally make Christmas happen, that is to say, they make Jul happen. Christmas being a religious ceremony for Christians.

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