Saturday, November 14, 2009

Artist of the Month; Alice Duke

Alice Duke is a young illustrator from Liverpool whose work I've come across during my frequent internet trawls. There's no reason to promote her as an artist of exception, except that I just happen to like her line and I'm too lazy to choose a more significant artist from the annals of history. There are a million DeviantArt style young artists on the internet and if I wanted to, I could simply post one per month and settle into complacency. I won't though because 98% of these young artists all look the same. Alice Duke is different some how. There's something in the way she works that sets her apart, something that appeals to me. Miss Duke therefore becomes Novembers featured artist, and long and productive may her career become. Curves feature quite heavily in Alice Duke's work. This could be the secret to her successful line, at least from my perspective. A lazy curve arising from a jumble of curving lines has always held a curious appeal.

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brando said...

I really like that last one.