Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Steve Roach... keep me sane
Some of the digital paintings shown on these video's are excellent. Very atmospheric, inspirational and doing wonders for my imagination.


Cyan said...

I've always been fond of Steve Roach.

moif said...

Me too, though Michael Stearns is my favourite in that genre.

'Planetary Unfolding' is one of my all time favourite albums

Fartacus said...

I love both Steve Roach's and Michael Stearns' music.

I really like those two Steven Roach clips you posted. I need to see if I have that album yet.

Just to throw out another name in the ambient / space genre, have you heard Thom Brennan? He's become a favorite of mine the past year. I ended up getting all his albums.

moif said...

Duly added to my Ambient play list