Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Defending freedom with cowardice

Dette er ikke mit oprindelige projekt. Jeg ville havet aget et billede af en nøgen, muslimsk pige med slør. Pigen skulle have blod på trusserne og lårene efter voldtægt og være bundet til en pæl. En skare af muslimske mænd skulle stene hende, fordi de opfattede hende som syndig. Men rektor forbød mig at lave dette billede på grund af frygt or skolens sikkerhed. Det enkelte individ er kendetegnet ved holdninger og udsagn. Kan det være rigtigt at man skal censureres på grund af frygt ? Længe leve ytringsfriheden.
Stine Bøgh

This is not my original project. I intended to take a picture of a [semi] naked Muslim girl, wearing a veil. She would have the blood of a rape on her underwear and thighs and be tied to a stake. A group of Muslim men would be stoning her for her sin. The head teacher forbade me to do this picture as it was felt the threat to the school was too great. Individuals are recognised as such by their opinions and appearance. Is it right to censure on the basis of fear? Long live Freedom of Expression.
Stine Bøgh

Copenhagen West – Ishøj Gymnasium held an exhibition of photographs, entitled, Tabu. The Subject was modern day taboo's and the students posed the quetion, are there any taboos left in modern society? The photograph and quoted caption above are from the exhibition.

At the same time, two Danish artists who go by the name 'Surrend', showed paintings of the Danish Crown Prince, nude, in a satirical poster meant to lambast the OIC which is about to hold meetings in Copenhagen. The Crown Prince is naturally expected to remain silent on the issue, and keep any observations to himself. In other words, he is such a sitting duck, or fish in a barrel if you prefer, for satire employed against him can hardly be said to have any actual purpose, if indeed it is really satire at all.


Grimsby Mariner said...

Seems to me that an art exhibition titled "Taboo" that is afraid to break a religous taboo has not achieved its aim.
We should never be afraid to speak freely for that allows other views to prevail unchallenged.

moif said...

Sometimes, its what needs to be said, thats the hardest thing to say.

brando said...

The title of the show should be more like "We're a bunch of cowards". Or "We're only brave when there is no risk" Or "It's edgy to insult only those who won't try to murder you".

Burning a flag? Whoop-de-do.

I did like the varicose veins pic though. Not at all on topic, but it looked neat.