Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Antonin Dvořák

2nd movement. 3rd movement. 4th movement.

168 years old today, Dvořák was a Czech composer who is probably most famous for his celebration of America; Sympphony nr 9. 'The New World Sympthony', which is a personal favourite of mine and one of the few pieces of music upon whose worth my father and I agree.


Fartacus said...

This is one of my favorite symphonies. Particularly love the Largo movement.

moif said...

I'm not surprised really. Your taste in music is as impecable as it is comprehensive.

I've seen Dvorak's grave in Prague. he's buried just across the path from Smetana. I was visiting the graveyard because its also the burial place of Alphonse Mucha.