Wednesday, September 23, 2009


From Silkeborg to Århus is roughly 45km, thats about twice the distance from Moesgaard and back, so in theory I could do the trip in 3½ hours, depending on the weather. The only trouble would be getting to Silkeborg, but I my Dad says he can drive me which would be way cheaper than taking the train. I'm not even sure if they'd even let me take my bike.

The real question is, could I do it? The Moesgaard trip, usually only undertaken when the weather is good, has a tendency to wipe me out, but only after I'm finished. If I did this trip, on a friday, when I'm not at work, and have the week end to recover any possible after effects, then theres nothing to hold me back but laziness or mechanical failure.

Betty (my bike) is due for some TLC soon, so I think I might just aim to push my limits, perhaps on friday 2nd Oct... All I have to do is think positive and hope the wind is in my favour. Given the fact that the wind is against me most mornings, which has strengthened my health, as I cycle to work in the opposite direction, coincidently along the last leg of the same stretch of road, then I might just get lucky and have the wind in my favour.


Uncle Peter said...


You could start with a shorter round trip around Århus.

Yes, you can take you bike on the bus/train.

How are the children?

love P.

Uncle Peter said...

Hi again,
I just looked at your planned route, your trip will be longer than the one you've routed, bikes aren't allowed on the motorway ;-) and bicycle roads have a bad habit of not following the roads but twisting this way and that.

moif said...

I am aware of that, its why the post is called 45km and not 43.6km

Why: because I feel like it.

The children are fine.... noisy, but fine.

Uncle Peter said...

OK well, good luck, hope you have good weather for it.

Jan said...

Well, this morning as I left for work, I found my back tyre was flat. I bought a new inner tube and changed it, but as I did, I noticed that the tyre was dying. I stopped by the bike workshop and they reckon they can give Betty a seeing to for a grand, that includes cleaning, oiling and tightening her up, new tyres, blocks, grips and reflectors on the peddles (as the old ones have all been broken off but one).

Uncle Peter said...

Still on for tomorrow? If so have a good one. Remember your helmet ;-)

moif said...

Its pushed back until Saturday as Betty won't be ready until 4pm on Friday.

Also, Mette may be coming down with some thing so if she's sick, I'll stay at home and aim for next friday.

Otherwise I'm still ready to go