Sunday, August 02, 2009

More Rocketman characters

French resistance girls from Black tree design (May have been discontinued, as they do not appear on BTD's new home page).

The first two are French resistance fighters from Black tree design and the third is an American mercenary from Copplestone casting.

The first is Thrilling tales character from Artizan designs, the others are from Copplestone castings. The one in the middle appears to be modelled on Brendan Fraser's character Rick in the film, 'The Mummy'.

Two more from Copplestone, but the heavy machine gunners have been converted with African heads for RM5. Originally they were British Indian army Sikh's.

The first two are from Copplestone, and the mad fireman is from Hasslefree Miniatures.

When I was painting these figures, Freja came over to inspect them and after a few minutes of grave examination, she turned to me and asked, 'why do they all have water pistols?'


brando said...

Your figures are great of course, but I'm having trouble getting a good image like that when I take a pic. Even on macro.

moif said...

I use a pocket digital, set to macro, but I move it back from the figure and zoom in so the camera can auto focus.

I put the camera on a small tripod to keep it from moving, and then I use the 2 second timer so the camera doesn't move when the button is pressed.

I use direct sunlight when ever possible, and I lighten and increase the contrast in photoshop afterwards.