Saturday, June 20, 2009


Oberst Dokter Holst

Riflemen of the Red Group

Infantry group of the Yellow Group.
The first is armed with a fictional grenade launcher.

Shadow Troopers.

All the above are the main antagonist force for Rocketman V. They are the guardians of Farquar Island, the 'Shadow troopers', complete with their notorious commander, Dr Holst. The figures are from Renegade and are painted in my usual style with white dots on the bases to indicate the front of the figure.

The image below shows five NBC guards from Copplestone which I will be using as divers because I haven't been able to find any better figures for the role and I already had these five from several years back.


Grimsby Mariner said...

A nice clean painting style sets these figures off very well. Good work.
Clever idea of cutting the MG08/15 down and turn it into a grenade launcher - the Germans never used the rifle grenade during the Great War employing small trench mortar like contraptions instead.
I thought HBLSC did some deep sea divers or possibly Eureka?

moif said...


I made the grenade launcher because I didn't like the way the figure was carrying an HMG as if it were a rifle, and because RM5 is set in 1936, on an Island in the Indian Ocean, populated by latter day Teutonic Knights and their retainers. The Shadow troopers are based on first world war Germans, but with pulp style modifications (the gas masks also serve to feed them a substance which greatly enhances their senses and reflex times)