Saturday, June 06, 2009

D-Day 65 years

Yesterday was Denmark's constitution day and tomorrow we vote in the European elections. Today however, is the sixty fifth anniversary of D-Day (its also the day Denmark plays Sweden for the 100th time, so most of the country is in a state of anticipation).

For me, the liberation of western Europe represents the moral foundation of all I believe in. Over ten thousand men lost their lives, and many more were wounded, fighting for the freedom and democracy which I cherish. Few wars have the moral clarity of the Second World War, and no battle I am aware of means as much to who we, Europeans are today. Tomorrow I will vote in the EU elections but I view the EU with intense suspicion and I want out. I do not believe Denmark is best served by membership of the EU which despite multiple elections and referenda remains an entirely undemocratic institution dedicated to its own cause and not the cause of the people of Europe. My vote will by necessity be cast accordingly.

When I look at the pictures from D Day and see those men staring back at me, I am reminded always of my family. We're not a military family but we have served and done what was once termed our duty. Some of us have died and others have been murdered. Sixty five years is a very long time for a human being, longer than my mothers entire life, but memory can be shorter still. The lessons of history are always neglected sooner or later and when I see autonome running about the streets battling the police for some obscure political ideology, I am reminded of the Nazi's who also used political violence to establish themselves. No matter how secure democracy feels, it was democracy that put Adolf Hitler into power. Vigiliance is necessary to prevent elections being abused because a lax attitude means inevitably men will have to die fighting to regain our freedom, and that is just as true today as it was in the 1930's.

We must always bear in mind why D Day had to happen and honour those who fought.


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Quite agree.
"Blood id freedom's stain" I'm afraid.

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well put / brother Philip

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Well said.