Thursday, February 22, 2007


The last two nights have seen winter suddenly catch up with us in Århus (or Aarhus for those of you who can't see the å). The snow has moved in and clogged up everything from one end of Denmark to the other and the last two days we've been house bound. Århus is completely sodden and this morning I saw one of the new Danish M113's driving through along Nørre allé (the street out front, see above image) on a mission to rescue drivers. We've also been ill the lot of us, with Mette in bed for two days with fever. Freja's been okay but today the day care was shut because of the weather and she's been driving us up the wall with her boundless energy.

Roll on summer!


mlj said...

Looks absolutely.... cold! :.)

Hope you guys are getting better.

moif said...

Thanks. We're not...


Ken said...


I know it's tough, but they'll eventually get away from the constantly sick stage. Of course, when they do pick something up, it will still go through the house like a fire.

Right now, Cheryl and David are in the midst of a major cold, complete with constant snuffling. Somehow, it's escaped me.

(Now, I've just jinxed myself.)

moif said...


Same here. Mette spent a week coughing and moaning and I thought I'd escpaed. I didn't though. Currently my nose is running like a mountain stream in April and throbbing in time to my heart

Lesly said...

Ahh, I wish I had found this post sooner. This is how I feel about winter.

moif said...

I feel ya!

I used to love winter, but then I got older and now I hate it. My jonts ache my health breaks down, its freezing cols and I don't live i the country side any more so its ugly to boot.