Thursday, February 15, 2007


All the facial hair had to come off so I could apply the relevent creams to the affected area's so here I am as I appear now. Most of my family haven't 'seen my chin' since I was 18 or so so make the most of it whilst you can...
Peter & Philip (who never comment anyways) Do you think I look a bit like Dad?


Grimsby Mariner said...

How does your wife feel about being with a man that she's never seen before?

moif said...

Oh, she's seen me like this before. I've shaved it all off once or twice just out of curiosity in the past. It usually never lasted longer than a single shave though.

She prefers me with my facial growth which is lucky for a lazy bum like me.


Cyan said...

It's strange to see you without your facial hair. You look good either way, but I think I prefer the furry chin. ;)

bucket said...

you look so fresh and so clean ;)

My husband does this, alternates between mountain man and clean shaven man

moif said...

I dunno. I think I look like a frog...


Anonymous said...

You look a hell of a lot more like Dad now then you did when you where 18.

whats with the bitching about are lack of comments?? you well know we are all lazy fucks.

Freja is looking realy great, can't wait to see her again, maybe next time she wont be as frighten of me ha ha ha

News from Copenhagen:

I've hurt my back so i'am on 4 types of pain killes, so keeping up the famly tradition, but it is to be expected in my line of work, going to the fys tomorrow so hopefurly it will get better.

your loving brother Philip

moif said...

My loving brother Philip everyone!


Mette was asking me why we haven't heard from you lately so I guess now we know.